Ok I build my printer Prusa i3 like 3 years ago and updated it

Ok I build my printer Prusa i3 like 3 years ago and updated it last year to a rework.

It has been printing flawlessly! Till recently I had a problem with the extruder it got messed up and I needed to replace it with an all metal hotend but the new one used a number “11” thermistor instead of “5” so I could not find my last good known configuration.h so I decided to use the latest Marlin firmware and start from scratch.

My setup is Prusa i3 rework (x ends top on the right side).
Ramp 1.4 gt2 belt, 20 tooth pulleys, m5 lead screw.
Gadgets3d lcd screen. Marlin rc6

Now the problem… In my gadgets3d lcd screen I Go to prepare/move axis and extruder will not move and x moves only one way z moves only one way down. X moves left to right fine.
Extruder does not move at all.
I switched the x and the extruder motor to test both motors are fine.
I swapped out the ramps board, I swapped the stepper drivers around.

I have no idea why my motors are not moving in both directions and why my extruder is not turning.
Here is my config file.


ok spotted that and change it. also figured out extruder was set to min temp 170 was not moving because it was cold.
but movement issue still there with x and z axis they still only goes in one direction when i turn the knob on the lcd screen in prepare/move axis the y axis moves both ways like it should.