Ok here's my fireworks display...

(JP Roy) #1

Ok here’s my fireworks display…

MEGA 2560 with 16X15 ws2812b array


(Marc Miller) #2

As good as the real thing JP.

(JP Roy) #3

Ooops… typo… 16X25 array.

For that video, I changed my max brightness to 32 and still got that ‘overexposed’ look !

At that level, the dark blue background and twinkling stars effect disappear.

(JP Roy) #4

For most on this community it is clear that I ‘borrowed’ the original code from @Mark_Kriegsman but I should have been explicit about that !

Thanks Mark for that and so many other little gems that get us going !!

(Pixelmatix) #5

@JP_Roy Do you have a link to the code? I saved a link to Mark’s demo video of fireworks, but not the code.

I find it’s better to really light up the background when shooting video, I use 3x 100W equivalent daylight fluorescent lightbulbs shining on a glossy white cardboard to make a bright white background for video.

(Pixelmatix) #6

@JP_Roy Nevermind, found the code a few posts down. :slight_smile: Looks like we’re all going to be ready for 4th of July this year!

(Kyle Schwab) #7


(JP Roy) #8

For the curious or the maniac…

Just pardon the very poor programming style and do show off your improved version !

(Mike Thornbury) #9

That’s very cool! I’ve got a couple of 16x16 matrices I haven’t found a use for… This could be it. Thanks JP