OK having issue with 1st layer coming out very rough. Printing in PLA.

OK having issue with 1st layer coming out very rough.

Printing in PLA.

You’re starting too close to the platform. Adjust your Z endstop.

And printing PLA on plain glass is tough. Do you have a heated bed? If so, try watered down white elmer’s glue on the glass at 68C. If not heated, try 3M/Scotch 2090 blue painter’s tape.

@Jelle_Boomstra , good feedback I was thinking similarly, it could be the filament he’s using. It may require a hotter or lower melting point. I know for example I’ve run into PLA that I would normally run at 220 degrees, however this brand required a first layer to be set a little warmer.

I would also recommend to OP that he look into 2090el which is Scotch’s painters tape with edge-lock. Now of course we don’t care about that here but we do care that unlike normal 2090 it has a different acrylic mixture for adhesion to the bed which may help if he is not laying down the tape well or it has fine air pockets between it and the bed.

He may also want to look at 2093 which while has the same formula of acrylic to adhesion as 2090, the paper itself is made of a crepe paper which will assist in removal and first layer adherence. Lastly I would try a bit of denatured alcohol with at least 70% isopropyl or ethanol mix applied with a cotton pad before printing.

… Also as others recommended I would not only look at your Z axis height but check that your bed is level and there is no inappropriate slack in your belts.

I get this on my machine quite regularly. on my machine it is because the nozzle is fractionally too close to the bed and the platform is not perfectly straight.
To be honest I just leave it. Sorts itself out eventually.
</too lazy to level bed>

I never had issues getting PLA to stick to the glass, but if you’re printing onto a flat surface like glass, kapton, whatever, alcohol helps. All kinds of stuff like dust and oils from hands can get onto the surface, so just before a print I do a good wipedown with 90-99% isopropyl, and things stick just great.