Ok guys just got my k40 laser today.

(Lawrence Simm) #1

Ok guys just got my k40 laser today. Everything is hooked up and when I try to start engraving the laser is arcing out at the back of the tube away from the mirror. What am I doing wrong here. Thanks

(Gary McKinnon) #2

You have to align the mirrors, they usually arrive unaligned.

(Lawrence Simm) #3

Gary I think the laser tube is junk. I have water in the both tubes.

(Gary McKinnon) #4

Oh man :frowning: What, you have a definite leak ?

(Todd Miller) #5

Arcing is the High Voltage jumping to
a ground or your metal chassis.

On my laser, the HV is fed at the rear of
the tube with a red wire and is covered with silicon tubing or caulk @ the glass.

If your tube is damaged as you stated, I wouldn’t fire it anymore.

HV is 15,000 - 20,000 volts and can easily jump to the nearest ground/person/water source.

(Lawrence Simm) #6

Should there be water in both chambers of the glass tube ? I don’t see a crack or anything

(Lawrence Simm) #7

The tube is not even lighting up like other videos I’ve seen

(Scott Thorne) #8

Yes…don’t fire it…that’s how I fried my power supply as soon as it arrived…a new one cost 98.00 bucks!

(Scott Thorne) #9

No there should only be water in one chamber…the middle cooling shell.

(Lawrence Simm) #10

Thanks guys I bought this from ebay I’m waiting to hear back from the seller. I don’t think that seller sells replacement parts there gonna have to replace the whole unit

(Scott Thorne) #11

Yeah…I would send it back…I cost me another 400.00…just to get mine working…I should have sent mine back right away but I didn’t wanna wait over a month to get a new one so I replaced the tube and power supply myself…it works fantastic with the upgraded tube.

(Lawrence Simm) #12

Well it only took a week to get it so hopefully I’m not out to long

(Scott Thorne) #13

Maybe not…you have to wait to get the refund then reorder…then you might get one in the same shape or worse…the first 2 replacement tubes from Amazon arrived broken so I ordered one from laser depot.

(Lawrence Simm) #14

They just offered to send me a new tube and $50 refund… Hmm

(Scott Thorne) #15

Lol…good luck with that