Ok guys I'm about to spend 2500 on a 3D printer what kind of

Ok guys I’m about to spend 2500 on a 3D printer what kind of printer should I get.


before you dump that kind of cash, do you have a makerspace or anything near you that has one?

No…don’t have a makerspace .

How do you intend to use it, and what for?

Jewelry molds

If you’re still at Chrysler, look up Tom Sorovetz. He’s worked with the technology and machine builders for more than 20 years, one of the most knowledgeable and connected people for 3D printing. He can you give pros and cons of almost any 3D printer.

If you’re decided on FDM then go for the @Ultimaker . You won’t get another printer capable of reliably printing 20 microns layers. But honestly: Jewelry molds sounds more like Form1/B9Creator (DLP/resin based printers, which are a little bit more pricey).

@Ultimaker all the way. The overhead gantry is the best setup you can have for an FDM printer, the support is amazing, the company hired the developer of Cura. Seriously for that price range, the Ultimaker is pretty much the only option in my mind.

And…jewelry molds? Are you sure you’re using the right tool for the job? I hear a bunch of people say they want to make jewelry molds with FDM printers, and I really just don’t think they’re the right tech for the job.

Ultimaker, agreed. Everything else is for the community of people who want to faff with printers as a hobby or pay too much for a makerbot.

Presuming you’re planning on lost PLA casting, or something?

Sure you don’t want to CNC jewellery molds? A carving-cnc. Com one is within that price range.

A smooth surface is considerably finer then 0.1mm layers.

Or draft in plastic and then farm out to i.materialize for metal casting.

For the details I imagine jewelry requires, I think a UV resin printer might be better than any of the FDM machines.

I don’t think you will be happy with your pieces for jewelry, maybe you could accept prints from a resin printers, but layer lines are pretty ugly…

For jewelry plastic extrusion is not fine enough. You probably want either a specialized wax 3d printer (they make them specifically or jewelry making) or a UV resin printer like the B9 or Form1.

Don’t spend $2500. I spent $799 on my Solidoodle 3, very happy with it.

Would be glad to talk about the good & the bad of the SD3. Was going to get a makerbot replicator 2, but the Solidoodle 3 was the best bang for the buck.

My dad is a goldsmith, he does not use 3d printers, but they do exist and are very expensive. What he does use is wax to create objects. Another way is to make a rubber mold. Then you split the vulcanised rubber in half so you can remove the object inside. Injecting molten wax and create a tree of items. Then it’s time for lost form technique…