Ok guys I need some ideas for my car for my upcoming drift competition

Ok guys I need some ideas for my car for my upcoming drift competition have the underglow already planned just need the delivery to get here but what do you all think? I was thinking rgbs along the windows making them glow but idk if that will look like to much so I need some help.

Is there anyway you can have the LEDs blend into the car? Perhaps enclose the LEDs in dark tinted plastic that fits against the windows? It would take lots of customizing but I think it would look great.

I might be able to do that with the rear quarter windows but I only have access to 6803 chiped lights that are every 3

Did you see what Jon Burroughs did with the matrix he is using? depending on how you place the LEDs and how large of an area on your window you want to use up, that could look pretty good.

So idk if I can even do much with them

What about lighting from inside the door panels? Depending on the glass you might get an excellent glow. (Look at me taking apart you car already :slight_smile: )

Well fastspi 2 won’t run with my lights only the old spi but I agree it looks great

FastSPI 1 will work so you can make the lots of effects with the LEDs.

What about sound based rgb lights to glow all the windows different colors for higher rpm

Another problem is im very new with spi

I am new to the whole world of LEDs, SPI, Arduino (I just started with it about 3 months ago after I got into Radio Controlled Quads and wanting to light up a smiley face under the quad.) Now I am hooked and looking at powering 2k LEDs for my xmas display (Using a number of Arduino’s)

Damnnnnnn ok that makes me feel better

If it helps, I cooked the first set of 50 LEDs and an Arduino on my first attempt. I have a variable voltage power supply and I set it to 5V and the next thing I see is that I was pushing 35v to the LEDs and smelling burnt plastic. My elbow bumped the voltage knob. The good news - the Arduino was replaced under warranty (I don’t question the RMA process or the goodwill of companies). And I was able to salvage 38 out of 50 of the LEDs. I found it interesting the failed LEDs were not in a linear pattern but random. The dead LEDs were 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 38, 42, 45, 46, 48, 49 and 50.