Ok getting close to being able to reach the good parts.

(Brandon Satterfield) #1

Ok getting close to being able to reach the good parts. But got to get rid of the old stuff first.

Have a glob of electronics that were:
Test pieces
Customer returns
Scratch and dent
Everything in the picture goes.

I know not everything works. Some were actual bad parts, good for those who like to diagnosis.

I do know there is a good:
TinyG maybe a few
Think all power supplies are good
Loads of good stepper sticks

and the enclosures both come with it.

It’ll most likely be about $40.00 in shipping in the US.
Based on what I know is good think $300.00 is a fair price. Or best offer.

If interested I’ll ship it all plus whatever else I find that was opened, tested, or returned.

Will get to the new stuff soon.

(Eric Lien) #2

Thats a nice set of goodies for some lucky buyer.

(Brandon Satterfield) #3

@Eclsnowman agreed man. That stack of TinyGs alone is worth the bank. You remember the only thing that would ever happen to them is the blinking spindle light which was easily rectified. I just got tired of doing it after a while.
PSUs 12/24/48, what do you want to power? :slight_smile:
Looks like Mike’s project will be off to a great start.

(Joe Spanier) #4

I really really dont like it when people offer things like this. lol someone save me from my self

(Brandon Satterfield) #5


(Brandon Satterfield) #6

Sold to a lucky builder.