Ok Friends, here my first Video session about the brand new Drill Feature at

Ok Friends, here my first Video session about the brand new Drill Feature at eagle board Import. Hope you like it! Please don’t blame me, it’s my first Video session in english :slight_smile:

This is really great to see. Having the drills be in the Eagle Import script have been needed for a long time. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. We are all going to benefit greatly. How do you know the depth of the board by the way? Also the vias seem to not be inflated anymore for the trace milling?

Thank you John, ok the drilldepth are not finished yet, the feature use the global that.depthOfDimensions. But next week i’ll implement this with the “via inflate fix”. But for correct understand, we have a via with 0.8 diameter and the user inflat this with a value 0.1. After that we have a new diameter for this via => 0.7? Correct?

This is awesome. Love to see contributions like this.

Ok, i found the last version in jsfiddle edited at work. Now it’s the new base version. Feedrate now correct and the user can decide what are the biggest diameter to drill. The “mill holes” Feature doesn’t work now, but maybe next week :slight_smile: I have to check the drill level (44) and mill all holes are bigger as the user diameter.

Great job, Frank.
Viele Grüße aus Polen. Ich bin nicht so weg von Deutschland.

Thank you @ all! I was very happy to see, that’s the people like my video session!

Excellent work Frank! Any chance of putting in an option to switch to a drill bit for the holes like the original had?

Can u explain what do you mean?

yes the original (although it isn’t working) has an option to use the same end mill or change bits to use drill bits for the holes. The reason for it is for example if your using 10°0.2mm pcb engraving bit and make your holes with it, A) don’t get the same size hole on both sides as it’s a tapered bit and B) you can’t change whole sizes. If you goto the original Chilipeppr.com/grbl you see they have a section on the eagle widget under gcode that says Tool to Use for Drills and you can choose to use the same endmill or change to a drill bit

@Brian_Saban Ahh i know, u mean the old option to make holes with endmill. No, i removed this cuz it make not sence to drill with v-endmill a hole :slight_smile: The Vmills are very sensitive and you broke him very fast, also the material FR4 are very hard and after one PCB ur endmill are unused.

But, i’ll include a new feature that will mill holes greater as a (user selected) diameter , this mean you can say up to 0.3mm only drill holes and the rest will drill. If you don’t have holes with 0.3 and smaller then you don’t have to change the tool :slight_smile: