Ok a very strange question for you all,

Ok a very strange question for you all, I have a Hictop printer and for PLA is dialed in quite well. I use a heated bed with blue tape on for adhesion and all is well. The problem I have is when I use ABS I’ve found removing the tape and using hair spray the better option but when I remove the tape I end up having to readjust the height of the nozzle because the nozzle is to close to the bed.

I would presume removing the tape would increase the gap not reduce it?. I’ve had this problem twice now and I was wondering if Repetier had two different height settings in the g-code for PLA and ABS.

Any help would be great because I just can’t get my head around this one.

Could be because the bed is hotter and warps upwards slightly with the greater temperature. My other thought was pulling off the tape may have agitated the nuts and leveling springs enough to work them loose a little bit.

@Griffin_Paquette ​ I thought of that as well but I can reload the PLA in and continue with that no problem hence the question about the g-code. As for warpage it’s an ali bed so I would expect a higher temp would be needed to do that

What slicer do you use? Is it possible you have different z offsets for two different filament profiles?

Possibly head expansion of the hotend as well but I don’t know how significant it would be.

Roughly how wide is the gap you are finding between PLA and ABS?

@Griffin_Paquette ​ as I’m thinking about your question, I may have the answer I’m looking for. I think I may have incorrectly put 0.2 in the first layer height rather than normal layer height. I can’t check until tonight but I’m quietly hopeful. Time to establish presets if this is the case.

Well clearly I’m an idiot, yes I had set the first layer height at 0.2 thanks for comments without them I could have been chasing around for some time.

No worries! Glad I could help. Now get to printing!