OK 3D printer people - how many of you still sit there and watch

OK 3D printer people - how many of you still sit there and watch almost the entire print even after your machine is dialed in. Just realized perhaps I didn’t need to be sitting here for the last 45 minutes.

Jajajaja… I think almost everybody at the beginning, now I stay away even 5 min. :smiley:

I do this, though I have had a few problems so it’s better to be prepared. My first machine being an alpha Cupcake has burned Murphies law into my mind.

It’s an addiction that i am slowly recovering from, but sometimes i still catch myself doing it :slight_smile:

I used to have this problem, but my machine has become so reliable that I got over it quickly. I’ll watch the first layer, and then run away doing my own thing. I’ve even left the house for multiple hours while a large print went on.

My first 13 hour long print was the breaking point, now I watch the beginnng and then go away:) But during the first year I was watching 4-5 hour prints completely.

Set it and forget it. I tell repetier to slice, check the box to start print after slicing, then walk away. My makergear prusa is more reliable than my car.

I like when people see the printer, and then ask the same question six times because they’re staring at it so much.

@ThantiK I routinely let my machine print over night or while i’m at work.

Of course, as soon as I post this and get up to have breakfast I come back to a mass of plastic instead of a Raspberry Pi case. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait until I get to the point where my first layer sticks reliably. It’s much better now than it was, but I’m still paranoid about it. Though I have spent way too much time just sitting there watching it, even if it’s going well.

I saw 100% improvement in first layer adhesion when I switched to PET tape from kapton. Modeling single-layer ‘beards’ in select areas helped adhesion on models prone to warp.

I’m printing directly on glass right now - cleaned with rubbing alcohol with a light coating of hairspray. When I was using blue painters tape I would have very poor adhesion, then I used a light layer of hairspray; I couldn’t get the print to separate from the tape and would destroy either the print or the tape layer (or both) in the process of removal. @Chapman_Baetzel , what do you mean by single layer ‘beards’?

If one adds to the model that one intends to print, such that the bottom of it(however it will be oriented for print) is wider for the thickness of a single layer. i got the idea from this thing. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:31944
I think ‘beard’ is a silly name for it.

It’s called a brim.

Oh, gotcha. I think in Slic3r they call it a ‘brim’. I don’t like using them, especially on intricate pieces with moving parts, since they will cause the moving pieces to become one solid piece.

And they require post-processing, but it beats having a print that warps to the point of useless, or warps so bad it peels off the bed.

I was having warping issues with PLA for a little bit. I was printing 3 solid layers, but having my cooling fan turn on after the first layer. Now I have the fan wait until after the 4th layer to turn on - no more warping!

Yep - I do! It’s almost like watching a nice camp fire - memorizing!

Answer: Everyone!