ohay, got bored, chucked a co2 laser on my thinger...

ohay, got bored, chucked a co2 laser on my thinger… was kinda neat

one thing led to another aaaaand whoopsie doodles

LOL :rofl: Not often you see “whoopsie doodles” and a CO2 laser in the same comment!

@Ben_H I hope you and any one in that room are wearing eye protection??
BTW I can get here with the link you sent me but its not in the “OX Group” community page, at least not for me.

It’s just me in the room, and trust me… I know all about the awfullness of infradred lasers. Been working on yaggies for ages, things still scare the balls outta me. But yes on eye protection. Also, not sure whats happening that you cant see it… uhmm… someone else can repost it? or, i’unno… screw it I guess.

@Ben_H same here, just hate to see anyone hurt Makin. both the laser and the 22,000vd supplies give me pause.

Btw off the subject, enjoyed following your links to Solstice conversions. I own a stock one …MMM!

HA! fellow kappa brethren… Glad you liked them, these things are super fun to throw around. Got a little tired of the 2jz swap though, in the middle of doing a ghetto rigged electric swap in another chassis I picked up. Using some good ol’ tried and tested forklift motors that all the backyard guys use nowadays. Won’t be tesla-speed-ridiculous but… should be close I think. Either way, fun money pit ahoy!

@donkjr Also, if you ever plan on modding it, and if you like handling, the best accidental mod I did on my car was NOT hooking my powersteering back up after the 2j swap. Drove it around for a few days with the rack looped, the input and the feel you get in the wheel without PS is just astonishing. Feels so much more planted at high speed too. Going slow in parking lots is a tiny pain sometimes but, eh, that doesn’t happen often enough to really care about.