Oh yeah. You can now connect to actual CNC controllers in the cloud.

Oh yeah. You can now connect to actual CNC controllers in the cloud. The awesome guys at Synthetos @Alden_Hart @Riley_Porter_ril3y @Rob_Giseburt have donated multiple devices to let all of you test out your jobs on a “TinyG in the Cloud.” These are real devices without motors attached. The Due is forthcoming. I have no multi-user control yet so be kind.

Interesting! I’ll add that I was surprised to see the Cloud option appear when I opened jsFiddle this AM. When I saw SPJS v1.76 on your graphic above, I guess I assumed it was time to upgrade my SPJS (from 1.75) .
Wrong - this is obviously enabled by a change to the Serial Port Widget, and the version of the spjs you connect to is what is reported.

So of course I had to try connecting to the v9 on ttyACM0. It did connect, but I forgot to first switch to the v9workspace (using the carot in the TinyG widget) and it appears that tinyGv9 is now hung We had this adventure a couple weeks ago, when you created the v9=true version of the workspace. I think you might have to manually reset the v9 and possibly restart its spjs. A remote reset from the TinyG widget is not effective.

JohnL - At the moment I cannot build G2 above ver 71.04 for my v9. Something seems broken in Edge, will not build; Master is now building 71.04 OK.
That was the version I was running when we created the CPv9 workspace.
So I can’t confirm or deny that the CP startup issues we saw with the standard tinyG workspace are fixed in 74.03. Perhaps you have different results?
If they are not, that would explain why the Cloudv9 hung on me at 06:58 EST.

This is very cool! One thought: Since TinyG is basically C code (not just basically…) why not completely virtualize it on a platform like Amazon? I think it could work quite well … it’s already set up as request/response, so all we need is a virtual way to identify a session (virtual port identifier?). This might be the next thing I decide to take on. In the free time I don’t really have…

v1.76 is the upcoming Serial Port JSON Server release. This has fixes to support the Cloud Servers option including the brand new red Restart button you see in the screenshot above. Use it judiciously on the v9 Carl. It seems to solve many hangups. On v8 I never seem to need it.

On the firmware version, I am actually only on 65.01 for the v9. Fixed that. My personal version is on 71.04 which is a custom build from Rob.

SPJS 1.76 - OK, I understand this a future general release of 1.76. It does appear, as shown above, in my Serial Port Widget lower right corner of screen. Have a look over at the Google Groups page, I have some screen scrapes for you