Oh, man. So much dust

I need to take the cars to get washed now but I got the bed insulator routed. Now maybe some sanding (more dust) to clean it up. Should have known, but I’ve not used my router for about 20 years… Wow, dust everywhere.


If you’re going to paint it, do a good job of sealing it first. I ran into that mistake by going straight to paint. And it sucked up two cans of spray paint and still looks somewhat like rough MDF finish.

I did mine with a hand router and it’s definitely a trial to do it by hand.

Looking great.


I will be painting it, so thank you for the tip!
You’re correct in calling it a trial. I grossly underestimated the amount of work involved with this particular undertaking. Once I started, and saw the mess I was making, I was committed for the duration; I didn’t want to clean it up twice. I did, however, make a rip fence(?) to try to make it easier, but still, it’s probably a task better left for a Saturday. Routing while kneeling on the ground is not one of my better decisions either. Paying for that one.

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