Off to Costa Rica for a week,

Off to Costa Rica for a week, so I won’t be terribly responsive to the group here. It’s possible i’ll have wifi where I’m going, but I wouldn’t plan on it.

I am bringing some notes with me though, hopefully I’ll be able to take some of the time to write up a couple of blog posts, wiki pages, and examples for the library (including things like using multiple strips, using bare parts of the library to get your compile sizes down even smaller, etc…) as well as sketching out/roadmapping some of the larger scale direction for the next few releases (which I’ll then bounce off of @Mark_Kriegsman when I get back before dumping on all of you).

Have a great week, all!

Have a great time Daniel! :slight_smile:

Poor guy. Have some fun while you’re there too!

Go have fun, put coding aside for a while. Just enjoy your time there.

Yay. Have fun.