Odd issue trying to print these...

(Mathew Walker) #1

Odd issue trying to print these… I get 3/4 done and it fails at the same point. Changed multiple variables it always fails right as it starts to print the “top flange”. Every print has failed at roughly the same height when the extruder strips on the filament. if you cut the front 1/2" or so off the face of the rim, that’s what we have. We’ve printed plenty of taller objects and ones w/ longer print times. Using a Replicator 2X … anyone have ideas?

(John-Paul Hopman) #2

Shot in the dark, no clue…but could it be an overhang issue?

(Mathew Walker) #3

I scrapped my Makerbot custom settings file and went back to the default Low/Standard/High quality ones. We did manage to get a successful print at Low quality. There is a .3 / .2 / .1 layer height for those profiles… so that may have been it. Thanks.