odd. I posted something very similar to this earlier this afternoon and it's not

odd. I posted something very similar to this earlier this afternoon and it’s not shown up. Bizarre.

I had some time last night and wrote a parser for grbl 1.1; and reversed it into the widget.

I need to test it now. So am looking for two things:

  1. is there a way of forking an entire workspace and then just editing bits? so far I have spent three hours trying to fork individual widgets and add them to a generic workspace but it is completely counterproductive to reinvent the wheel;

  2. is anyone interested in testing grbl 1.1 compatibility? I don’t have a working gShield so although I can stub-test on an uno, I can’t do anything live.


Yes, you can fork a workspace too. The fork menu is in each widget, which is probably what you used to find the backing code. The fork menu for the workspace is the triangle menu right next to the workspace name. For that in Github to your own version and then create your own workspace in ChiliPeppr and point to that widget.

We can get your changes pushed to the main /grbl workspace as well if you want via eventual pull request on Github.

Just looked. Your post got caught up in a spam filter. Not sure why Google’s algorithm did that but it looks like they don’t give a way to get an email when they block.

I also just noticed Jarrett Luft never triggered the forkSetup() method on the workspace menu so it doesn’t show the Github fork link. You can always look in the comments in the DOM because it inlines an automatic comment into the HTML for each element loaded.

i am being stupid but I can see no fork menu for the workspace; nor any triangle menu!

thanks @jlauer . I found the workspace repo in the end.

It’s too late now in my time zone to publish the changes and test them here before publicising them to the community for peer review - I will look to do that another evening.

@Justin_Adiehttp://github.com/chilipeppr-grbl is where Ray Kholodovsky created a place to keep the grbl related Parts. I think that’s still true. It was for clarity to be able to distinguish from the TinyG widgets etc.