Octoprint keeps yapping at me about updating.

Octoprint keeps yapping at me about updating.

When looking into updating, it needs to know the directory it is installed at, and then I thought:

Should we be updating octoprint? Can we? If not, can we turn off the update messages?

There is a script that will update to the latest version: https://github.com/eliasbakken/kamikaze/issues/1

Oh, was hoping it be as simple as clicking update in octoprint. Guess it’s time to ssh :slight_smile:

It’s coming in Kamikaze2! :slight_smile:

Yes, it will be in kamikaze 2. As to whether you should update @Philip_Acierto , I highly recommend it. The latest versions of octoprint are more reliable and use less CPU. However I need to complete the comment on the kamikaze script as there are a few minor steps missing in how to set it up right.

Let me know when it’s ready and I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

@Philip_Acierto give it a go - let me know if you run into any issues. I just had a minor syntax error in the sed command that’s been fixed.

@Jon_Charnas Alright, I ran the script posted line by line, no errors that i could see. I actually rebooted replicape afterwards to be after seeing the below and no change. Octoprint still wants me to update saying:

OctoPrint: 1.2.8.post0.dev0+gdedadbc
Installed: 1.2.8.post0.dev0+gdedadbc
Available: 1.2.13 (stable)

On plugin tab of octoprint - The pip command could not be found. Please configure it manually. No installation and uninstallation of plugin packages is possible while pip is unavailable.

Octoprint Software Update: Please configure the checkout folder of OctoPrint, otherwise this plugin won’t be able to update it. Click on the button to do this. Also refer to the Documentation.

While installing I saw it say it installed 1.2.13, but my old version of octoprint is still there it seems? Any ideas?

Huh. ok, that’s not good. I’ll backup everything and reflash kamikaze from scratch to keep it updated. About the pip not found issue, that’s a setting in octoprint, when you open the plugin manager, click on the wrench icon (top right), and specify “/usr/local/bin/pip” in the pip path…

I’m getting the same issue on a fresh kamikaze re-flash as well. Trying to figure it out but I’m not the best with Linux :slight_smile:

any ideas @Jon_Charnas ?

Working on it

@Jon_Charnas https://github.com/eliasbakken/Kamikaze2/blob/master/make-from-kamikaze1.sh

@Philip_Acierto You can try it, but the script is still being developped, there may be bugs ahead. I’ll try to get a solid fix on the original script for Kamikaze 1 later today. Need to setup a VM with Kamikaze installed so I can snapshot it and try various things.