Number 2 on the way.

Number 2 on the way. This one will be a 2 color combination which will have nicer look to it… :wink:

I’ve am going to build a large-bed printer soon (about 1 square meter) and have been pondering building this as 1 print, but I think I like the fact that half of it can be replaced if it breaks. Much quicker to print the replacement part, and more likely that somebody is just going to have one sitting in a box with them on ‘race day’.

@Mike_Creuzer I nerver thought of it that way, I only cut it to fit on the build plate but that’s kinda clever!

I’m curious about the printer your going to build since I wanted to build one myself, is this anything you could share?

I will blog about it when I build it, yeah. I am using an old pen plotter for my rods and motors. Going to be a fixed bed system. Probably will fold up somehow or get hinged to the wall or something. It’s going to kinda look like a HUGE printrbot jr at first glance, but no inspiration was taken from that machine. Build height will be enough to print a tantallus frame in 1 piece. Likely will run a .5 or .75mm nozzle.

Think, a BIG, course printer for large things.

And what about the printing speed? For a big build like that you will need 3 or 4 days for a single part…
@Daniel_Noree I’m happy to see that those part can be printed with my Replicator 2 as well… How long does it took?

@Pascal_POECK That’s a kicker, isn’t it? I am hoping that the big nozzle will help. But there will be a lot of mass involved, so I am looking at slower accelerations. Giving it a 1 meter straight run it should get some serious speed going though. Maybe an ‘H bot’ style drive for the X & Y and a bowden cable feed along with Z drive. If such cables will work at 1 meter long. Trying to get a much mass stationary as I can as my 1m long rods will have a lot themselves.

It’s going to be a press start and walk away for a few days type of machine when running off big architectural models and such.

@Mike_Creuzer I’ll definitly will follow your blog as soon as I found it. Seem’s to be a very cool project with a big pack of troubleshooting, but I like that :wink: would probably be the interesting bit. I am building a Rostock right now. It will be a while before I can convince my saner half to let me spend the money on a 3rd printer. grin