Now what do you suppose a laser cutter hobbyist that had sleep apnea would

Now what do you suppose a laser cutter hobbyist that had sleep apnea would do with an old CPAP?
??? :slight_smile:

Ha. I was just looking at an ex-hospital pump for air assist :).

I love re-purposing things, especially when they’re robustly built like medical stuff.

I started with a cooker hood for fume extraction, have just swapped it for a solder fume filter, I’m using an old aquarium chiller for cooling and I’m trying to find a cheap aquarium external pump-filter to replace the pump and reservoir.

Not sure if the CPAP has enough pressure to blow down a thin tube but I’ll try it if I can’t find something better.

I found out how to adjust this one and :
…It puts out 20 psi
…Its adjustable
…It is whisper quiet
… it does not pulse

we will see!

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Rember to turn off humidifier, last thing you want is moisture on focal lens,or hang on have I go my terms wrong and you want it on ?,good reuse

Nope… off in this case…It is an option on most machines, mostly likely just disconnect it and don’t fill the reservoir.

@Steve_Clark @Phillip_Conroy @Steve_Clark np on this model the humidifier is a separate assy. I just did not connect it up :).

Fantastic idea. I have a couple older CPAP laying around. I’ll see how high their pressures can go.

How did this end up working out for you? I actually picked up one almost identical to this today from a family member with the same thing in mind!

It worked fine for a while but could not figure out a way to control it easily from the front panel.

Went to this…

If you remember how to change the pressure pls let me know I wrote it down and forgot where :(!

But now that you remind me it may be a good choice for my diode laser project :)!


If it’s hard to change the pressure, another possibility is to get an ESC controller and just wire it up to the motor, which will almost certainly be a brushless three-phase. Maybe something like this:

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You can change the pressure from the front panel I just forgot how :(.

I just wanted to turn it on and off. When you power cycle the unit it comes up off and wants the control panel ON button to turn on the air.

Then decided that $90 was better than building something.

You’re probably right about the motor. I think this is the motor out of one of them. I would guess it is brushless with an encoder.

Never thought to look it up. Interesting, It’s called a turtle blower :). Made by embpapst.

You hold the ramp and power button while you plug the power in to get to the service menu.

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Does this appear to be the same? If it doesn’t work out fully for my laser I may try it for cooling on one of my 3D printers.

I think it is.
Datasheet with somewhat illusive interface specs.

Couldn’t help myself, had to dive in…