Now there's a menu to let you quickly jump to your next tool change

Now there’s a menu to let you quickly jump to your next tool change for folks like me who end up having to fix something I screwed up and then I have to get to the last tool change of the code to start again from there.

The widget is slick enough to look at comments in your Gcode to grab tool data, like how Fusion 360 does it at the start of the file. It also looks for the first comment above the M6 line and presents it as the name of the tool change in the menu. Many Gcode generators stick in comments before the M6 to describe what that section of Gcode is for, so this should work well.

Wow, this is a slick and nice feature again! Thanks John and contributors!

Oh John, that is pimp sir!!! Can you grab “profile xxx” as well?

What’s profile xxx? Do you have a sample file?

For instance if one has an inside machining profile, drill, outside profile, etc. to be able to go back to a particular process might be cool.

74000 lines with no tool change but wanting to restart at a particular auto/leveled code process level can leave this guy with using the lil airplane a lot.

Well, yes, that could be possible. What I do in those cases is hold down shift over the 3D viewer to find the G0 move going into that operation, I see the popup, and click Go To button. Do you ever use that feature?

Can you post a sample file @Brandon_Satterfield maybe there’s a way to parse it for comments in an intelligent way.

@jlauer I have mentioned before chilipeppr is full of more features than a typical guy, myself included, will ever be able to grasp. Here you go proving it again.

No, I had no clue such a feature existed. I will try this.

I will be happy to shoot you a file.

Here is the scenario. I’m running one of my over night jobs on the R7 rack system, about 6 days a week, I push a tool a little too far on one of the machines. I know the tool is at its limits but do this 1 out of 4 times anyway. Old habits…,

I purposely set the the tool paths to where I don’t have to change the tool, but rather change profile properties often.

Tool breaks.

No problem go back to G54 and do some searching.

If it in in the outside pattern, hole pattern, pocket, inner profile, etc. I still spend 30 min finding the last known good spot. Not a CP issue a bad user issue.

From what your saying though I could find the spot holding the shift key and hover over in the 3D viewer my issues become a 10 min fix.

I have to go play with this.

I am in constant amazement how you continuously improve this free to the public yet crazy powerful tool, thank you.