Now that I can print from my Phablet,

(Gary Durey) #1

Now that I can print from my Phablet, of course we meed a bracket stand for it, so here is mine

(Jarred Baines) #2

Nice design, very functional / minimal, I like it!
Would you be able to / have you uploaded this to thingiverse?

(Jarred Baines) #3

RepRapPro Mendel? :slight_smile:

(Gary Durey) #4

Yes Reprappro mendel, you can download the stl from my web site the file is called but it is not a zip file just rename it .stl You can upload it or do what you like with it. Some of my other prints are on my youtube channel orac229

(Gary Durey) #5

@Jarred_Baines Sorry that’s the unrepaired version, forgot to netfabb it to flip triangles.

(Jarred Baines) #6

Cheers @Gary_Durey :wink:

(Andy Southern) #7

Orac like the old CNC lathes or like the Blake’s 7 character?

(Gary Durey) #8

Blakes 7 :slight_smile:

(Andy Southern) #9

We may be showing our age a bit there…

(Gary Durey) #10

Just think in a few years time I may have to 3D print some Dentures

(Andy Southern) #11

…I’m working on a hip replacement.