Now I can import the code of to create endless loops like this

Now I can import the code of to create endless loops like this one to make sure the steppers do not overheat before start a very long job. Feel free to add this technique for the maintenance of your printers.


you can simply put a gcode that is pointing to an earlier file position - hence looping.

Is that plain threaded rod? I wonder how well it will hold up to the torture test. Meanwhile, the printer in general is getting a vibration test.
More impressive, I think you could easily queue up commands to multiple printers with this setup. Oh right. Multi-bot is multiple printers in one housing acting together. :smiley: So you can queue up commands for each effector.

@Ulrich_Baer GCode has no conditional loops :wink: Think of this as a way for doing “procedural 3D printing” I’m sure you can master the first ! When @Arthur_Wolf adds a Python interpreter which I think is much easy to implement as the Pythonista on my iPhone then Smoothie board will become even greater :slight_smile:

@NathanielStenzel indeed this is 90% of the conductor code for the multi-gantry printer. The layer change script shall contain the following lines:
G0 Y-5 ; park the hotend on the metal plate preventing oosing
M400 ; flush the command buffer once park position is reached
After the conductor receives LAYER_DONE from all gantries it issues the Z change and continues streaming to the bots.