NOTICE - An eBay seller by the name of BESTDAILYDEALS,

NOTICE - An eBay seller by the name of BESTDAILYDEALS, should be avoided! It is a long story and I will not post it here, but they are under investigation by eBay for unfair practices. I have posted this on my Facebook page and encourage you to do the same to save your friends from purchasing from an unscrupulous seller.

I bought my red and white k40 from them, delivered earlier this month. Any details?

Briefly, they canceled a purchase I made claiming it was my request then relisted EXACT item at higher price. I don’t trust them

Don’t blame you there!

However, I will say I thought I wasn’t sent the encryption USB to run Corel-Laser and they answered within an hour or two saying I really should have it and to recheck everything. After rechecking I did find it under the packing box flap that was ready to head out to the trash. So not terrible customer service. Granted I did pay a premium due to Chinese New Year. There was also another problem of it being shipped the day after it was supposed to arrive.

Final side note, I started receiving a ton of spam from them talking about their current sales etc.

UPDATE - After dozens of emails to them and posting my complaint to my social media sites, the eBay seller BESTDAILYDEALS has resolved the issue we had with a previous purchase. It took a long time and a lot of effort to resolve this, but I would now have to recommend them for their fairness!