Nothing is true, everything is permitted

Nothing is true, everything is permitted

Nice! Source?

I got it from thingiverse, I had to scale it down though hence the quality not being too great

Nice! What printer , material and did you use supports? Thanks for info

It a hollow print with supporting using 3mm ABS and it was printed on a prusa mendel and a 0.5 nozzle.

Nice cleanup of the support. Did you use slicer or kiss?

@Eric_Moy I used slic3r but I’m not that impressed with the support feature tbh

I haven’t played with the settings much yet though .


I’ve only printed PLA with slicer support. It’s awful. I use maker ware and abs at work and it’s sooooo much easier to remove

@Eric_Moy yeah, I’ve tried PLA with support, never again. I have a few better options but I’ll need a dual extruder to pull those off :slight_smile: