Nothing is every truly free.

Nothing is every truly free. I truly hope companies will start to understand this soon.

So, @printm3d , the CuraEngine is OpenSource. That does not mean that it’s free and you can do what you wish with it. It comes with certain costs, not in money, but in other forms.
Your current software release violates terms of the AGPL license, and the attached EULA is in conflict with AGPL as well.

Biggest problem in this aspect for me personally, is that you are miss-representing all my hard work. Pretending it’s your own while it’s not.

As a community, @Daid_Braam – should we spread the word on this, or have you contacted them and are waiting for a reply? If they’re wilfully brushing you off, I’m sure many here would be happy to blog about this, share a post, etc. You saw what happened to a big company like Stratasys once they bought up Takerbot due to the bad blood in the maker community.

Or, if you’re just waiting for a reply - I’ll put away my pitchfork until you say so.

From my personal experience, no, they will never understand this. Users don’t, why should companies.

Btw, I hope that - if @printm3d doesn’t bother to answer and both fix stuff and apologize properly - you’ll introduce them to your legal department.

Pitchfork and torch is ready

Put those down till we have a good anwser. This is just one example of many. We are reaching out in private as well.

At least their printer is awful, so you probably wont have to deal with them long haha.

@Daid_Braam wow did u make cura?

… Really?

@foosel to be fair, he doesn’t have that kind of information directly visible on his profile. :stuck_out_tongue:

@foosel I think it’s a bit much to expect everyone to know who the real people behind all the cool tech actually is.
Which I guess is something to keep in mind when creating public profiles etc…
I only know @Daid_Braam (and you) because I follow github projects quite closely, which I would not expect anyone except developers to do.

@Oystein_Krog ​ there’s a difference though between not knowing it and then going “ah, so that’s the one behind it” to yourself and not knowing it and going (paraphrasing) “omg u kidding, that’s u?!” :wink:

@foosel Hehe, don’t forget, you guys are actual heroes/celebrities in some ways:)

Didn’t know… But that’s awesome

I got one of those m3d printers. It was awful indeed. The printer quality is sad. Printrbot is a much better purchase that I made. And now this? Seriously, take from open source and present as your own work is unacceptable.

@foosel just isn’t used to deal with fans :slight_smile:

@James_Malenko yes, Cura is my work. But we also have Ultimaker to thank. It started off as an hobby project, and it really became awesome when Ultimaker took the risk of hiring me.

I’m not marketing myself as “the Cura guy” (which I get called quite a bit). Because I’m not that fond of people :slight_smile: and I don’t want my inbox to fill with feature requests and bug reports.
(But it was really fun to go to a 3D printer meeting with my girlfriend and she suddenly noticed I was a local celebrity)

And the project is evolving. I’m no longer the only person involved. Right now a small team at Ultimaker is working on the next major version. As the code started to be come unmaintainable, and I could no longer handle all the requests and code changes on my own. So we re-wrote the whole front-end code, which was a lot of work.
First beta test result of this can be seen at:
Due to how we changed how we handle machines, this version makes it a bit harder to support custom machines right now. It also lacks dual-extrusion support and one-at-a-time printing. Which will all come at a later point. (older Cura versions are always available for those that need those features right now)

But the good thing about the GUI rewrite is that it’s completely plugin based. Something on which we will be expanding even more. But this means people can make extra tools, utilities and links to printers without having to dig deep in my old spaghetti code.

@Daid_Braam that plugin part sounds familiar :wink:

Keep up the great work @Daid_Braam though my favorite part of cura is how well it handles dual extrusion so I hope that makes it back in quickly :slight_smile: