Not yet printing but the steppers are working! :)

Not yet printing but the steppers are working! :slight_smile:

Nice! I really should get photos and video of mine up sometime. I’ve got probably close to 50 hrs printing on mine so far. :slight_smile: Incidentally, I just finished printing parts for a Wally on it and they came out looking really nice.

@Shane_Graber pictures are always very welcome :wink:

I’m not sure why, but I first read the video title as “Day 8: Fire tests”…

Congrats. Always fun to see things come alive!

Cant wait till I can buy the frame kit and convert my i2 to it. Looks great!

@enhydra looks great! I wish I will get that far one of these days :slight_smile: For now I just got my smooth rods today…

@Shane_Graber as the author, pray tell - is your frame assembled on nuts&bolts only? No glue or anything? How does it behave after 50 hours? I mean, I am reading all kinds of stories about wobble, about plywood expanding/contracting with humidity etc. - you know, problems with geometry.

@Igor_Larine I’ve had mine assembled and running for a couple months in my basement (humidity ~ 50% using a dehumidifier) and have not had problems with warp, wobble, etc.

Yes, it’s assembled with nothing more than nuts and bolts - no glue of any kind.

I’ve printed at least 40-50 hrs now on it and have had no issues to date with it.

One thing I did do was drop my Jerk from 20 to 15 and my Acceleration from 3000 to 1500 and that really helped with print quality.

I also placed cork motor dampeners on all of my steppers, which significantly decreased resonance noise coming from the frame.