Not sure why I keep doing this, but I am.

Not sure why I keep doing this, but I am. John, how hard would it be to check z-height when you hit “go” on the gcode widget? I’m thinking a prompt along the lines of “your tool head is currently at home position”, with the ability to cancel or continue.

There’s something for m6 to add code after m6 you could set it to lift z to something safe

Are you auto leveling prior to cut? (Chilipeppr)
If you break the code up depending on your controller you could G92 (controller)

Other folks have mentioned this in the past too, but there’s so many use cases for how people setup Gcode, that there’s not a great approach necessarily and choosing whether that’s on by default or not is tough because it would be annoying for a lot of people. If you’re up for adding some code and having folks play with it, or letting a user turn it on (but it’s off by default) I think those things could possibly work. I will admit I’ve made this mistake too, but now i’m so trained to raise my Z I haven’t had this issue happen in a long time.

@jlauer I’m thinking an off by default option. I don’t see this being a problem for auto-leveling folks. But my machine is too well grounded, and I can’t auto-level, lol, as soon as I attach the probe to the spindle it registers.

If your machine is ground why can’t you hook the live wire the work piece, provided it is not touching the machine? I’d love to make a mini x.y.z touch probe like one I have for a larger machine. It does not rely on conductive material so it can also be used as a probe for QA.

@Steve_Anken that’s a good point. I’ll try that

Great to see so nice aluminium cuts using Chilipeppr :slight_smile:

What is the postprocessor you are using to create the gcode? I don’t see the gcode, but I would search for a G0 X…Y…Z… string at the end of the gcode file (I guess the scratched line is when your tool goes back to zero position afer job completion) and replace this one line found with two separate:
G0 Z…
G0 X…Y…
or in case you wish to stop the spindle motor while moving back:
G0 Z…
G0 X…Y…

Please replace three dots ‘…’ with your preferred values. Make sure Z is high enough to move the tool edge over the workpiece.