Not sure what is going on here. This is on a Note 5.

(Robert Cicetti) #1

Not sure what is going on here. This is on a Note 5. I can connect, but then it disconnects immediately. Anything I’m missing?

(Colin Rose) #2

Make sure your smoothie is powered up BEFORE you connect it to the host. I use a powered USB hub so i can make sure the board has properly powered up before plugging in the tablet.

(Robert Cicetti) #3

So, switch jumper to power from psu instead?

(Colin Rose) #4

I should have asked how you have it set up first. I have never powered mine from anything other than the micro USB, but powering it from external 5v should rule out this problem. But yeah, if you try to apply power and usb host at the same time (ie same plug does both), then all sorts of odd stuff can happen.

(Robert Cicetti) #5

Shoot. No luck switching power source. I had no problem months ago on another smoothie board and different OTG adapter. Oh well.

(Robert Cicetti) #6

@Mathias_Dietz any ideas?

(Mathias Dietz) #7

this is often caused by a flaky USB-OTG adapter/Cable or not enough power. Since you already switched to a different power source, I would recommend to try another USB Cable+Adapter.
The App just gets informed by the Android OS that the USB connection is lost, it does not get any information about the reason.

(Robert Cicetti) #8

@Mathias_Dietz ​ you are most likely right about the flaky adapter. I will have to try another one. However, it is worth mentioning when the disconnect occurs the storage app launches at it seems to mount as a usb mass storage device just fine. It stays connected in this mode without issue. I’ve tried unmounting and reconnecting to no avail as well as playing around with usb debugging.