not sure if this is ok in this section so mods if it needs

not sure if this is ok in this section so mods if it needs to be moved please do so. I had purchased a K40 with the knowledge that it would need to be upgraded before being put in to service the way I wanted so that it would be easy to run and do so efficiently. But unfortunately I have run out of cash to continue with the upgrades, and have medical bills building from a recent knee replacement. I have really beat myself up the last few days contemplating the decision of trying to keep and maybe make the finishing upgrades in about 6 months or selling the machine, so I have decided to go ahead and sell the machine. So with that being said if there is anyone here interested in a lightly used machine, only used to test upgrades at this point please contact me, I will say that I am not going to take a loss at this point. To add to this I am a NAM era vet and I have run in to countless problems with the V. A and now need to pay for some of my unknown costs for medical care. so again if interested shoot me a email at to find out about prices.
Thanks Ron

That is unfortunate, I was hoping you would be able to get it all working.

It is real unfortunate to hear the issues you are having with the V.A. I want to thank you for your service to our country.

Might i recommend you also note your location so people can factor in shipping? And sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you, best wishes with the knee recovery.

thank you I meant to list that but here it is I am in west TN Clarksville Tn 37043