Not sure if this has already been shared...

(Tim Rastall) #1

Not sure if this has already been shared… Sandblasting pla looks like it removs some layer related artefacts and the matt finish looks nice. I wonder how this would work with ABS followed by a quick vapour smooth…

(Nigel Dickinson) #2

ABS would pose a few problems…its possible but finding a suitable abrading material would be the trick. Only because of ABS having a higher impact rating

(David Cushing) #3

I was going to try sandblasting PLA since my friend has a sandblaster. I never got around to it. Glad someone did.

(Jarrid Kerns) #4

Now to find a way to build a home made sand blaster. Also, it’s too bad he didn’t try to touch up the end result of the gray one with a light flame or acetone to bring back the black.