Not sure if these would be suitable for use on various bots but the

Not sure if these would be suitable for use on various bots but the price is good.

Add shipping to that and you’re right back up to what a stepper costs anywhere else.
But there’s one significant issue with these: They’re 12V motors (30Ohm * 0.4A), which means that with a 12V power supply, the motor drivers will have a very hard time driving them since the actual voltage to get the current going (these are inductors, after all) is going to be significantly higher than what they’re rated at. With a 12V supply, the motors should be rated at a maximum of somewhere around 5V (or less) - the driver will step down the voltage to those levels and generally be much happier driving them.

Not that I know much about motors, but this listing looked more cost-effective:

Yea I missed shipping costs on these which is as much as the motor :confused: Oh well I will keep looking and good info ab out the 12v vs 5v

While Nema suppliers are being discussed. Anyone had experience with this site? Judging by the weird grammar in the descriptions I’d guess they were a front end for a Chinese distributor yet their prices are even cheaper than Ali express…

Good question wonder what there shipping rates are?

@Mike_Ashcraft you cannot microstep a 12v motor at 12v. We use 2-4v motors, because we overvolt them, and then control the amount of current to each coil. That allows us to move in intermediate steps between the full steps, which gives us more resolution.