Not sure if anyone has heard of this film, Print The Legend,

(Tyler Harney) #1

Not sure if anyone has heard of this film, Print The Legend, but it is now up on Netflix.

(Whosawhatsis) #2

My favorite response to this (after the SXSW screening):

Zach Hoeken: Hey @bre i just watched a video about how much of an asshole you are. Have a nice day!

Now that I’ve seen it, I agree that that was the primary subject, though it also spent an inordinate amount of time allowing Cody Wilson to demonstrate how much of a douche he is.

(ThantiK) #3

Ok, I’ve gotta watch this now…I was going to avoid it, because I feel like I’ll just end up mad, but…screw it.

(Jurgen Buwalda) #4

Probably not in my country

(Chris Lane) #5

way too much Cody Wilson

(Charles Reiche) #6

They could have lessened the amount of Cody and had at least a little bit of Reprap.

(Ryan Branch) #7

I just watched it last night. (Spoilers…maybe?)( its a documentary though, so just watch it) I thought that they were going to focus more on the 3d printing “revolution”, but I am really glad that they showed more of a backstory and part of the open source movement. Although they never even mentioned RepRap, which is a big oversight! Very well put together though! Yeah…Way too much Cody Wilson! He was just a small pimple on the 3d printing story. Albeit an anoying pimple. I wish they didn’t spend so much time on that topic.

(Scott Lahteine) #8

Who thinks it would be a cool idea to crowdfund a proper RepRap documentary? There must be a lot of footage around from events, though probably not HD quality. And it’s too late to get shots of RepRap people reacting to the events portrayed in this movie. But going forward, starting now in the age of the RepRap Pro Ormerod and the Kossel Pro (and all other things “pro”) – it is still an exciting and innovative time. For me, the sight of 10-20 people getting together to build 3D printers over a weekend is far more inspiring than watching FormLabs inspecting the anodyzing of their enclosures or Bre Pettis devolving into a corporate tool.

I just watched “Indie Game” again and I think there’s real inspiration and emotion to be found among makers, as there is among indie developers. Behind the scenes at element14, Makerhaus, Metrix:, Adafruit, etc. … People making it as makers, or just making their lives better through making… So maybe a more general maker scene documentary…

(Jeremy Green) #9

I agree, way too much Cody Wilson. He did come off as a complete ass but I think it was just giving him too much of what he wants (attention).
I actually found the parts with Bre interesting. It kind of seemed to me that he was very much trying to convince himself that he was doing the right thing but it seemed to me like he doesn’t actually believe it. He is just repeating the mantra of not being able to live in a fantasy world and that it was the only way to go forward.
I found it sad when before it just made me angry.