not stopping on M6? what i'm doing wrong, have M6 in gcode,

not stopping on M6? what i’m doing wrong, have M6 in gcode, pops up the gcode still executes with the tool window up, and pause on m6 commands selected. chrome/windows/tinyg 442.04. GCODE isn’t rendering properly either if someone wants a copy of it to see ( missing helixes on two of the bores)

further investigation, different outcome. M6 hits, it pauses but the tool change dialog doesn’t appear until after its unpaused. not sure why the first run it never stopped.

Did you perhaps only change the setting after you already sent the job to SPJS? That would create the scenario you’re describing. What M6 does in ChiliPeppr is just have CP treat the Gcode file like it’s two files, once up to the M6 and again after it. If there are 5 M6’s then it treats the file like 6 files. When you hit play it plays up to the “first” file. When you unpause after M6 it plays up to the “next” file, etc.

nope, i’d never switched it off, and i reloaded it.

Ok, I think I see it. There are no line numbers being sent to TinyG and the M6 pause pivots off of TinyG telling ChiliPeppr what line it’s on. Did you possibly turn off line numbering in the settings dialog for the Gcode widget? I think I need to not let folks ever turn that feature off as it creates situations like this.

yep line numbers are turned off, do you want a copy of the GCODE to see the missing ARCS? they’re all the same and it shows all of them but two, same operations.
cheers just in case

Are you having M6 pause problems as well as arc problems? The line numbers are auto-injected by ChiliPeppr, so it’s ok if your Gcode does not have them in it. ChiliPeppr by default wipes line numbers and re-injects them unless you turn them off. For the arcs, what issue are you seeing there?

yeah i just switched on the line numbers and reloaded the GCODE and re-ran it, M6 works as expected now. The ARCS are just the 3D viewer not showing them, whats odd is it shows 14 of them, there are 16 all the same operation. thanks John.