Not specifically FastLED, but I'm building a terrarium with FastLED lighting,

Not specifically FastLED, but I’m building a terrarium with FastLED lighting, and I want to add UVA and UVB/C to my control setup. I’ve found UVA LEDs at Adafruit, but I’m having trouble finding UVB that would be simple to use. My goal is a timer based white plus some very low moonlight using Neopixels plus an ESP8266, and then add UVA/B lighting to handle the vitamin D requirements. I’ll figure out heat lighting once I’ve got this done. This is just ambient lighting with intelligent on and off.

I did find, but those seem like they are not going to be good for this setup (more than 5v for a lot of them, or the expected life is 1000 hours, which isn’t very long for 12 hour days).