Not homing on power up

Good afternoon. This may be an old subject but I didn’t see it anywhere.
When I power on my K40 it does not home as I see in many YouTube videos. It moves several inches toward the front on the case. If I power it off and on again same thing. Eventually it will hit the end of it’s path and stop. It has done this since I first powered it up. K40 Whisperer seems to be working but when I hit the home button it just sits there.
Any help?
Thanks, Pete

Never mind. Started working today.

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If it stops working again… (Always a possibility when mechanical things “fix themselves” of course)

You’ll need to work out whether it’s mechanical or electrical. Could be a flaky limit switch or limit switch connection, though that’s unlikely if it always travels the same distance no matter where it starts. (It could be there was something stuck in the limit switch and it dislodged.) Or it could be something mechanical. I’d suggest if it comes back, take a short video in action, with sound; there’s a possibility it will help experienced K40 users send you down the right path for diagnosis.

Thank you Michael. I’m guessing z switch malfunction but this is beyond my experience. I’m used to flakey things happening with my vinyl cutter but this is a whole new world for me.

Thank you again

Make sure that the flag that is mounted to the gantry is aligned correctly for the optical sensor that it interposes.
There is an end stop flag at the back left and on the left underside side of the X gantry

Here is some information:

Thank you for that information. Will keep in mind if it starts acting up again.