Not directly FastSPI related,

(Kelvin Mead) #1

Not directly FastSPI related, but well useful!

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

The 140+ named colors that the library supports are listed toward the bottom of this file:

We included the “standard” HTML/web colors, at least, so you can do this:

leds[i] = CRGB::HotPink;
(Zeke Koch) #3

On a side note this was incredibly useful for my sister’s wedding. It was fabulous to be able to use CRBG::HotPink and CRGB:: Fuchsia.

I had a really hard time picking colors using HSV. Is there a mapping table somewhere?

(Mark Kriegsman) #4

Glad the color names were helpful!
There’s not a full color table – yet. The closest is the small table on this page
(Search down for “Orange” to find it.)

I hope to put together a bigger, more visual, color chart, too.

(Zeke Koch) #5

Ah, that helps a lot. Thanks Mark!