Not as fast as Shauki B , but no slouch either.

Not as fast as @shauki , but no slouch either.

Looks like your cooling duct had a little blunt force trauma :wink:

It did…it’s a touch too long…combined with a little adhesion problem. I’ll iterate on it a little more…eventually.

Throw some duct tape on it. I think that’s the 3D printer equivalent of, “Rub some dirt on it”. :wink:

Hey–that’s your garolite bed, right? I know you’ve got blue tape here, but are you printing nylon?

I wish…I’m currently still working on ABS print strength and quality. That part in the video is a Bic Lighter flintwheel extruder…hoping my surface quality issues are extruder related.

From 0:28 till the end I can only hear the sound but video freezes in both my cellphone and my laptop (though for the sound of it, it seems where the fastest moves are happening)

Uf da, blame my iPhone. I’ll use a real camera, next time I go for land speed records.