Not all KP08 pillow blocks are manufactured equal

I tried installing some KP08 pillow block bearings in the Monocle this evening. I purchased all my bearings together in a single order and kept a pack together; I didn’t mix and match. Yet I had blocks of different heights, so that a rod through the bearings next to each other is not remotely close to even. I’ll have to test the rest of them and find out how many packs I need to return for replacement. This doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be a lot better than this to work right!


That’ll be that Plasticine mold they use for casting :rofl:

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kp08 bearing

Silly question … the KP08 is not a fixed bearing, so could it be that that one or both are offset in the housing?

Nope, the casting is visibly a different height, and they are fixed to a vertical member (the image is looking down) so regardless of any difference in elevation, the problem of azimuth relative to the frame can only be related to that difference in height. It’s just real inconsistency between the parts.

You going to return them and try and get better quality ones, or just fly cut the bottoms of all of them to put the center lines at the same height?

I’ll return the grossly-wrong ones; I have until some time in January to do that. But yeah, I’ve thought about lining them all up with a single rod through them as a reference to improve alignment, if I can also figure out the rest of the fixturing, which so far is stumping this amateur machinist. :roll_eyes: