Not a very good start...

Not a very good start… Why would you even use “placeholders” that you did not have permission to use. Seems kinda odd to me.

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New 3D printing template marketplace caught selling stolen jewelry, marketplace offline

Ouch do you want to comment this?

Read through the article now - plain stupid

Come on, everyone uses pictures from internet as placeholders while the system is in development and testing. The fact that when that girl bought the archive it had just junk kinda proves it. They simply opened the system bit too early, kinda common mistake. I personally don’t understand why all the negativity… someone is in trouble there big time =|

People do this in #gamedev all the time.
Dev: ‘Here’s a screenshot of my WIP’
Gamer: ‘Hrmmm, that looks like xyz game’
Dev: ‘Oh, yeah, the graphics are placeholders’
Gamer: 'so… you took something from abc game company for that, then said it was your ‘progress’?"

Inevitably, people end up leaving them in, etc and get very defensive when caught out.