Noobie here. I'd like to get one of the k40 and I see that

(Tony Sobczak) #1

Noobie here. I’d like to get one of the k40 and I see that I shouldn’t get the Moshi controller. How can I be sure the unit I purchase is not a Moshi. I see some are listed as coming with moshIdraw some only list corell
Corel Draw. Can anyone provide a seller that has a different controller.

(Tony Sobczak) #2

Just to be sure corel draw doesn’t come with a mosh board?

(Tony Sobczak) #3

Cool thank you. Several out there with corel.

(Stephane BUISSON) #4

@Tony_Sobczak You should realise that both Moshiboard/Moshidraw or Nanoboard/Laserdraw are both close sources and proprietary (laserdraw being better than Moshidraw). if you want to open up to free softwares (some compatible MAC/LINUX), you will need to change your board, and in that case Moshi or Nano doesn’t matter.