Noob question: when people refer to an OX cnc,

Noob question: when people refer to an OX cnc, what does the OX stand for? Been searching all over and never found a definition. I’ve got some theories in my head, but figured it was time to ask :wink:

So OX isn’t an acronym, but more of a ‘brand name’ persay?

It was for me. The first time I heard of OX CNC I had to Google it.

:wink: it’s not that I didn’t know what an OX cnc is (I have an X-Carve), I just figured OX actually stood for something, like O=Open and X=cutter or something. Thanks for the info everyone.

From :

“I have been working on a new CNC machine build I call the OX (because its strong )”

@Paul_Frederick : Ah HAH! It all comes together now. The root origin of the meaning :wink: Thanks

Google is your friend. That’s how I found it. OX, as opposed to Shake-apart-O. Er I mean ShapeOko.

Yah, the “searching all over” part at the top of my post was me googling for quite some time trying to figure this out myself. I’d actually seen that main OX page that was linked to, I just skipped one sentence where he provides meaning. Figured the community would straighten me out quick. Not to mention I’d found so many OX derivatives online, I wasn’t even sure what the ‘root OX’ was, or where it came from originally.
All my questions have been answered now, thanks.