NON-FUNCTIONING REPLICA Colt 1911 Printed in PLA with 0.1mm layer on my DIY printer

Printed in PLA with 0.1mm layer on my DIY printer

I’d probably print an orange tip on it just for safety reasons. Nowadays it’s shoot first, ask questions later. Stay safe! :slight_smile:

This is a slippery slope…

So so useful!

I have not seen such a nozzle like an injection needle. What size? 0,2mm?
How many hours was printing?
Which bank do you plan to go to? :slight_smile:

Non-functional replicas are great for leatherwork to wet mold holsters. You can make better fitting holsters without having to own a huge arsenal of every model your customers have.

@Timothy_S_Fitzgerald Not such much law enforcement. I think they should train at all times with the real thing. Civilians can learn some of the fundamentals with props like these. Trigger and barrel discipline, sight picture, general handling.
More advanced models with moving parts, but still not functional as a firearm, can demonstrate proper clearing and practice reloading. A laser model can be used for point of aim and breath control. Then you graduate to blanks and finally live fire exercises.
A student will still need to fire actual bullets from an actual gun to qualify but they don’t need to train at all stages with live fire.

@Jakab_Gipsz 0.3mm airbrush nozzle. 14 hour print.

@Jan_erik_Halvorsen Thanks for your answer, I thought it was smaller than the usual 0.4mm, because it could not print such details (inscription on the pistol).

That looks great!!

These are often used as props for stage performances. If they use an airsoft replica, they’ll often rip off the orange tip (if there is one) or paint over it.
In the past, I had friends that would buy the garishly colored water pistols and just dip them in black Plastidip in order to have a prop for a musical.