Noise + Palette The palette here is a 'rainbow stripes' palette which shows more

(Mark Kriegsman) #1

Noise + Palette
The palette here is a ‘rainbow stripes’ palette which shows more motion than plain HSV rainbow.
Palette support is coming “soon”, life permitting.

(Gottfried Mayer) #2

Looking good :slight_smile:
I already saw some interesting code appear in the 2.1 branch. Thank you for this, I am planning to try it out on my festival hat.

(Mark Kriegsman) #3

Don’t get too attached the the current code in github just yet–it’s getting restructured and streamlined; APIs radically changing for the better.

(Kyle Beck) #4

I can’t wait to try out these new functions! My birthday was yesterday, so I’ve finally got the spare funds to buy the lights for my new project. They can’t get here soon enough!

(Mark Kriegsman) #5

OK, now I think the palette code in github is ready for perusal. There’s a palette example sketch, too.
Still to come: noise+palette. That’s up next.

(Mark Kriegsman) #6

Ok here we go with an actual palette example video and sample code.