No vector cut found in file

Not sure whats happening. Made lots of files that ive cut on multiple lasers just fine but tonight my file that contains only a vector cut (Rgb red at 255, 0.07 stroke, svg 1.1) its not detecting it as a cut. I just finished cutting 200 coasters with this exact same vector cut settings no issue. My work flow is Ai to K40 and have never had an issue before.

Without access to the file it is difficult to guess what the issue might be.

In the SVG file you linked the stroke color is not set to anything (therefore it is not set to red). There is one stroke color defined in the SVG file but it was not applied to the design, and the stroke color was black. So if you open that file with a viewer the viewer has to assume some color to display.

which makes no sense. Why is it changing it to black when it saves as an svg?

I just finished cutting 200 of these so im very bamboozeled.

I don’t know anything about Adobe Illustrator.

You can open the SVG file in Inkscape to set the colors.

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I opened the svg back in Ai and its showing my strokes as fills now…