No supported firmware detected

makerbase mks dlc v2 0 board, please help me experiencing this, my device can not be connected

[18:22:25] [ connect ] PORT INFO: Port is now open: COM6 - Attempting to detect Firmware

[18:22:26] [ connect ] Checking for firmware on COM6

[18:22:26] [ connect ] Detecting Firmware: Method 1 (Autoreset)

[18:22:26] [ connect ] Detecting Firmware: Method 2 (Ctrl+X)

[18:22:27] [ connect ] Detecting Firmware: Method 3 (others that are not supported)

[18:22:29] [ connect ] ERROR!: No supported firmware detected - See docs:blackbox:faq-usb-connection-failed [OpenBuilds Documentation] for more details. Closing port COM6

[18:22:30] [ disconnect ] PORT INFO: Port closed

on the laptop already installed Driver USB Serial CH340

I tried to move the com, the result is the same




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