no special tool concept example.

#qr8drive no special tool concept example. Need add some Gardena ring ti make it perfect

Yes now broadcast it

Pleas no kill me :) I need manage other 10 people in lab too

I couldnt wait I was too eager :slight_smile:

Guy’s morning illustration orings

why not use it also for the reverse of the cord, on the same V shape bearings ? one part is pulled, one part is “pushed”, using the same 8 shape movements

need try destroy one 642vv for try it. because on pignon no need bearing and hole of 624vv are 4mm

mmm but can try 625vv and lock it with epoxy… but this have limited quantity…60cent each and difficult to find…

Would designing a plastic pulley on top of regular bearings be an alternative? That would allow a tighter stack… Only worried about wear on plastic, but shouldn’t be such an issue as there is no slippage…

I’m really interested in trying to build a quadrap that I could also easily convert to a corexy (just for fun).
I’m seeing some advantages in running a thinner line than the one @shauki recommended me (dyneema 2 mm - 250 kg). Spectra lines would be the material to go apparently for this kind of application. Any thoughts/warnings about this?
Also found an interesting design which is used to layout sub-marine cable where the above mentioned mechanism is improved by slanting the second pulley. In theory it’s a better solution, maybe at the scale we’re working for, it’s not that necessary. That would require some CAD time to get a part that would support this correctly. Why not?