No power to the laser

Last weekend I had finally made my K40 operational. All the recommended modifications bought and installed. Using my anti surge extension bar I switched on water pump, air assist and last my newly purchased four inch inline smoke exhaust fan.All up and running. Then finally switched on the power to the laser. At first I was very pleased as the laser head made its way to it’s home position. Then, nothing the only thing that worked on the control panel was the on/off switch. As I mentioned I bought a four inch inline fan, my machine came with a already installed computer fan in the smoke opening at the back of the machine. I had discarded this after taking out its two wires. Is it possible that by removing these wires I have disabled a necessary circuit? If this is what’s wrong what should I do about it? If you don’t think this the problem, any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

It’s possible that in taking out those wires you inadvertently bumped other wires loose. Does the machine continue to make a noise after homing? It’s possible that the homing switch is broken; we’ve heard of that happening to others. Do you know how to test that switch?

Feel free to post a video of the homing process. The best way is to post it to youtube or vimeo and then post the link here. (Put the link on its own line and it will show the video inside your post.)

Does the laser also not fire with the test fire button on the panel.?
Did you make all the mods before you tried the machine the first time? i.e. did it work before the mods?
Did you make any other electrical mods other than the fan?
Picture of the panel would help.
Can you trace back the wires from the original fan and tell us where they connect?

Thank you for your speedy reply. For any one who might be having similar problems to mine I will reply to your suggestions first. Checked the wires I might have dislodged, all seem firmly fixed. The laser head is silent ones home. No, but would like to know how to test the switch. Any information is welcome. For the record I am from an era when a switch was ether on or off, pressing it twice or holding it down didn’t do anything, and a computer filled a large room. Any way after spending the day in my shed checking and rechecking for loose connections. The laser head had now stopped homing nothing working. I again Touched the supplied power cable where it connected to the K40 and the head homed again also Ammeter registered when I pressed the test and laser button, but still nothing on the laser tube, The power cable was the one supplied with a travel adapter making into a 13amp UK three pin plug. I discarded it, and borrowed a power cable from a slow cooker. We only use it in winter so my wife won’t miss it yet. Switched on, the laser fired up, all system go. I will now tackle alIgning the mirrors before connecting my lap top. Thanks again. Regards Alan.

Evening Don, No the laser didn’t fire. The entire control panel wasn’t working. the only thing that happened when I used the on/off switch was the laser head went to the home position. I didn’t try the machine, the only thing that I did was to disconnect the small smoke exhaust fan. I hadn’t really modified it, just added several necessary items all of which are plugged into a separate anti surge, switched and fused extension bar. I hope I have found what the problem is. It seems to have been that the power cable and travel adapter supplied with the K40 that was faulty. I have replaced it with a cable with a 13amp UK three pin plug and the control panel is working and the laser tube is live and firing. I will only know If am good to go when I have aligned the mirrors and connected my laptop. Thanks for your reply Regards Alan

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