Nightlight to Tabletop Conversion

My wife bought this cute nightlight the other day. It’s 2 marshmallow snowmen on top of a chocolate bar and graham cracker with a flame flicker bulb campfire.

She decided she wanted to put it on a side table and asked me to make a mount. I would have made a permanent mount by rewiring it to a fixed base, but she wanted to leave the option to be able use it as a nightlight.

Laser Cut a 4 sided mount from 1/8" ply with an arch in the front to access the switch and a hole in the back for the plug. Stained and finished with a lacquer finish. Tacked the nightlight in place with some low temp hot glue.


After I put in the arch I seriously considered just painting it red and etching on a brick pattern. Wife wasn’t a big fan of the idea though.

Hmmm…maybe I can find some miniature garland and wreaths at the craft store. :thinking:


Quite cute… and nice work. It’s amazing how a wife can bring out a mans deeply buried creative side!


Found some shinny twisted string ribbon at Michaels 70% off for Black Friday. Gives it a little extra holiday sparkle. :slight_smile::christmas_tree::sparkles: