Nice looking filament producer for recycling etc..

Nice looking filament producer for recycling etc…

This thing has 100x more marketing than it does engineering…take a look at the Lyman Filament Extruder.

I’ve seen a few posts on here now regarding recycling plastic as filament, and @John_Ridley , you raise a good point: dirty plastic. Would a solution be to contact recycling centers that clean and pelletize the plastic and purchase the cleaned pellets from them?

We’ve been buying (really) cheap PLA off ebay and boy are debris in the PLA a problem. It’s okay if you’re printing small things, but it’s a headache. We’re trying to make hot-end filters to catch debris, but it’s not a pretty process.

@John_Ridley I have raw ABS pellets “from a primary source” and I also have debris in the filament.

@John_Ridley , for the warm fuzzies, just take that crap you find on the side of the road to the recycling center :stuck_out_tongue:
@ThantiK , how bad/how much debris?

ABS pellets cost around 2€/kg from the manufacturer. Surprisingly many of them are willing to sell you super-small lots of just 50kg or so.

I haven’t used pellets personally but like the look of the Ramen pellet extruder that Makibox have been working on

Does @Jonathan_Buford have any info on that is going?

There have been some videos of it extruding

Or directly to the last post showing it

Just watched the video and it does look pretty sweet - definitely much better then the Filabot. It looks like it could even be used to directly print an object (with a huge nozzle size of 1.7mm, anyways).
I’m totally sold if they make a 3mm nozzle.

Yeah @Thomas_Sanladerer that is one potential. I’m thinking we will need to do some sort of pressure sensor to be able to properly meter the output if using it to print directly, but should be possible for big prints.