Nice laser if you want to add one to your printer:

(Anthony Bolgar) #1

Nice laser if you want to add one to your printer:

(Cristian Nicola) #2

… this laser smells like spam…

(Noel Kuck) #3

If it smells like spam…

(Anthony Bolgar) #4

It is legit. I know the guy.

(Petr Sedlacek) #5

@Cristian_Nicola I thought Endurance Lasers were well known in the laser cutting community? They seem to produce good quality lasers, although at a price. I’d love their 8 W laser for cutting 5-8 mm acrylic or plywood, but boy, would it more than double the cost of my printer :wink:

(Cristian Nicola) #6

@Petr_Sedlacek lasers is one of the very few things i dont want to play with - bot mostly because i did get to play with an industrial one and i managed to see first hand what they can do. considering (we) the rep rap people tend to ignore health and safety i think expensive lasers are a good thing - at least for keeping our eyes, hands, etc.

(Jason McMullan) #7

@Cristian_Nicola is on point about this - there are SO many lasers available now that are cheap, and sold without any eye protection to hobbyists. I’m surprised there’s not more permanently blinded people who warn about the risks.

Oh wait.

They can’t see a screen anymore, can’t they…

(Petr Sedlacek) #8

@Jason_McMullan I absolutely agree about eye protection. Although apart from that (and the module burning out prematurely) I can’t really see how else a cheapo laser could do harm…

(Jeff DeMaagd) #9

@Petr_Sedlacek The eyes is a huge deal though. Easy to cause permanent blind spots with just a little power because of how tightly focused it is. Enclosing and exhausting is a big deal, Cut or engrave the wrong materials and you can release toxic smoke.